Year 4

Summer Term 2


Summer 2 has been a busy one for us in Year 4. We have been studying the text Goodnight Mr Tm as an extension to our WW2 topic. Having watched the film and read the book to set the scene, children have learnt all about evacuation, rationing, The Blitz, Anderson shelters and what life was like living in the countryside or City. Children have really embraced this text and have produced beautiful written work which includes character studies, setting descriptions and alternative endings. They have created spitfire models, a range of sketches of planes and watercolour pictures of the beautiful village of Little Weirwold. In maths, children have been learning about angles, patterns of number, perimeter area and interpreting graph information.  We have enjoyed our sports day, celebration assemblies, world cup events in school and are excited about holding our VE Day street party in the last week of term.


  1. The class showing off their model of St Basils cathedral in Russia

  2. Making a class flag

  3. Creating our Blitz pictures

  4. Showing medals from the war

Summer Term


During the summer term, Year 4 have been learning about World War Two. It is a thoroughly enjoyable topic which has engaged the children in their learning across all curriculum areas. We have studied Anne Frank and Rose Blanche in great detail and produced some fantastic written work ranging from diaries to biographies. We have also looked at lots of texts about the Blitz, Sir Winston Churchill and other aspects of the war during Guided reading.  In Art, the children have produced some fine drawings of war pictures and completed a painting of London during the Blitz with the buildings as silhouettes against a dramatic, blazing sky.  We are currently reading Goodnight Mr Tom to prepare us for our learning next half term when we will be continuing to look at other significant aspects of WW2.

In other areas of the curriculum, we have been learning about sound and habitats and enjoyed our recent polar express science week.  We also took a trip to the cinema to watch Sherlock Gnomes as a treat from winning last year’s attendance award. We have also had two visitors in to school to talk about baby chicks and how to play the sitar which I have given more detail about on our class web page. In Maths, we have been learning about fractions and decimals, whilst continuing to apply our learning through application, reasoning and problem-solving activities.


The children have had a great start to the summer term and they have lots more to look forward to during the second half of the summer term.

Spring Term


We have had a fantastic time during Spring 1 with our theme being “All Aboard”  It all began with our theatre visit to the New Vic in Newcastle where we watched the spectacular performance of Treasure Island!  We enjoyed it so much that all of our learning this half term has been linked to Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic!

Within English, we have used drama techniques to understand what life would have been like on board the Hispaniola and wrote detailed job adverts to try and get a crew to join Gem and Admiral Trelawney on their adventures.  We have also created ancient treasure maps of the island and used Year 4 grammar features such as fronted adverbials and prepositions to guide the finder of the map to Captain Flint’s infamous treasure. As the half term draws to a close, we are bringing all our learning together to write our own pirate adventure story that perhaps the New Vic might want to transform into a Treasure Island sequel!

In maths, we have been exploring co-ordinates.  We successfully transformed the pirates from one place to another—some of us dodging deadly obstacles on the way! In addition, we have also revisited multiplication and division, building on our previous understanding and developing more efficient methods when multiplying and dividing 3 digit numbers.  Recalling all of the times tables facts continues to be a focus as it’s essential we can recall these and the related division facts before the end of the year.

During our topic time, we have discovered famous artists such as the Japanese artist Hokusai where we created our own mixed media impressions of his well known “The Great Wave” prints.  We’ve also developed our watercolour techniques that have been inspired by JMW Turner’s seascapes.  In Geography, we have journeyed to Iceland, looking at it’s climate, physical features and the famous city of Reykjavik.  Our aim is to put all our learning together to create a holiday brochure to encourage tourists to visit there.  

We have also managed to squeeze in some time to learn a few pirate songs.  We particularly like getting into role and singing the rap as though we were a pirate causing a mutiny on board the ship!

It has been a super Spring term so far and we are looking forward to seeing where our journey may take us to next…

What have we been up to recently?

In our first week back after the Easter holidays, Jacks mum, Mrs Pritchard, came into school to show her baby chicks to the class.  She talked to the class about how the chicks were born, how she looks after them, what they are called and let the children hold them.  A big thank you to Jack and Mrs Pritchard for providing us with this experience.


We also had a visit this week from Mrs Chadha, who came into Year 4 to demonstrate to the children how to play the Sitar. She explained where the instrument originates from, how it is played and performed two traditional Indian pieces of music. Eshaan and Veeom also shared their experience of learning how to play the Sitar and played a musical scale.  Children were also allowed a go of the Sitar and had the opportunity to ask lots of questions. Thank you, Mrs Chadha.

Autumn Term




Welcome to our Year 4 class page! Take a quick sneaky peek at our journey so far, we have been very busy with lots of exciting work!


We began our expedition by delving deep into the novel 'Stig of the Dump’. We crept into Stig’s cave and what a dump it was! Mrs Shaw set us a on a mission and we all became estate agents. Mrs Shaw was our boss who gave us the challenge of trying to sell Stig’s cave.


We invested some time in analysing positive and persuasive language, as well as mastering our skills with clients by working together in small groups and taking part in role-play activities. This involved us trying to sell the unthinkable! Rusty caravans and broken ships, it was a disaster! However, after putting into action our team work, persuasion and charismatic skills we cleverly turned our rusty, old products into vintage, classic merchandise that any unique individual would enjoy!


We also successfully managed to convince THE BOSS that our items were worthy! If you are interested in any our products at all, please call in at the office, we will be happy to help!

Recently, we ventured to the Outdoor Education Centre ‘Standon Bowers’ and what a truly remarkable time we had! It was an amazing experience for all and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and strengthened our team bond, it was a momentous occasion! Some of the activities we participated in were; bouldering, archery, caving, shelter building to name just a few. 

We were extremely exhausted by the end of our trip but it was 100% worth it! 

We enjoyed it so much in fact, that we decided to create leaflets for next year’s cohort so they can find out all about the activities. We looked at the features of a range of leaflets and thought hard about how we could draw in the interest of the reader and persuade them that a trip to Standon Bowers would be memorable experience! We also considered the information we would need to include, such as, directions and what items you need to take- we don’t want anyone forgetting their toothbrushes or fresh underpants! Take a look at some our photos below.


In R.E we have explored the sense of belonging in different religions. We have gained a deeper understanding of Hinduism, Sikhism and Christianity by looking at how these religions celebrate belonging to them.

Things to do at home



Children in Year 4 will be expected to read at least 4 times per week.

Parents need to sign in the home school diary to show that the child has read as children will receive team points for reading. Although an extrinsic reward is a motivator, we aim to inspire children to read for the love of reading! It is beneficial if the child is heard on occasions by an adult so they can discuss the text and help with any unknown words. Some questions you may wish to ask your child when listening to them read are: Who are the characters? How are they feeling? How do you know this? Why do you think they are they feeling like that? Why are they doing that?  It is important that children understand what they are reading.



Homework will be given out at the start of a half term. Each task will have 2 weeks to be completed and returned to school. All dates are written on the bottom of the task sheet which will be stuck into the homework book, so it’s important we have this in school. If support has been given please write this in the comments box.

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