Welcome to Year 3

Summer Term


We are blossoming in the Summer Term, take a look..


As you can see, the Summer Term has been filled with lots of exciting learning opportunities. We have been digging deep into our history topic ‘What have the Roman’s ever done for us?’ using drama techniques to familiarise ourselves with Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. We all enjoyed pretending we were a Roman Centurion!  In our English lessons, we then were able to  write our own version of the story using Shakespearian language.


We also celebrated the Royal Wedding, where we were all invited to attended the ceremony held, in our Eco Garden. Then we became news reporters and to spread the news to the rest of the World.


In this term, we have also realised that we live on  ‘THE ANGRY EARTH’ and have spent some of our geography lessons focusing on the different layers of the Earth and how natural disasters occur. In particular, looking at volcanoes and why they erupt!


There is still lots of learning to be done in the rest of the Summer Term and I know a highlight will be our up and coming trip to York!’




Look who popped in to see year 3! We had an amazing afternoon asking lots of questions and finding out some interesting facts. Like did you know that you can take you dog into the army? We gave the soldier some letter that we wrote to say thank you to serving soldiers.

Spring Term


Look at all the fun we have had so far in our Spring term!


It started with a trip to the theatre to watch Treasure Island. We all had so much fun learning about real life pirates, making Pirate Pizza, interviewing Ben Gunn and all the other interesting things we have done.


It is now time for our new adventure as we step back in time to the Stone Age…






Children in Year 3 will be expected to read at least 4 times a week and parents will need to sign in the home school diary to show that their child has read. Children will receive team points for reading. It is beneficial if the child is heard on occasions by an adult so they can discuss the text and help with any unknown words. Some questions you may wish to ask your child when listening to them read are: Who are the characters? How are they feeling? Why are they feeling like that? Why are they doing that?  It is important that children understand what they are reading.




Homework will be given out at the start of a half term. There will be a selection of tasks/activates to be completed during that term.  Each task will have 2 weeks to be completed and returned to school. If support has been given please write this in the home school diary.

Important days to remember

Wednesday: Forest School Kit and Swimming Kit

Thursday: P.E

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