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Our Wonderful World


What an amazing term this has been in completing our Wonderful World topic. It has been fantastic to see how the children’s minds have opened up to other countries and cultures around the world. We have travelled to North America and learnt about the different countries that are in this continent. We loved learning about Canada which is where our new Year 3 teacher is from! Their national anthem is fantastic! We compared it to our own and discussed our likes. We also analysed the human and physical features of North American landmarks and created our own papier mache volcanoes that are dotted around the continent. We travelled to South America and explored the rainforest, creating art work using the animals that frequent the trees, forest floor and the waters. The art work is incredible. We travelled to Africa and learnt a Swahili song about Kenya. The children loved performing this and exploring different languages.


Lastly, we have said our goodbyes to each other as this is our final term together. From the bottom of our hearts we cannot thank this cohort enough for the joy and laughter that they have brought to our lives this year. You are beautiful children inside and out and we are going to miss you massively.


Good luck in Year 3! From Miss Cotton and the Year 2 team.

Our Wonderful World


We are at the end of another fantastic term where we have engaged in lots of meaningful learning opportunities that have broadened our minds and challenged our knowledge. We started our term by delving straight into our new topic ‘Our Wonderful World’. Week by week by have explored new lands and new civilisations and have boldly gone where others have trodden the path to lead us to new learning.

To start, we dove into our oceans and explored the depths, breadths and mysterious things living beneath the blue to create fact files to share with our friends about each of the 5 oceans. We have scoured globes and atlas’ to piece together each continent, exploring what it could have look like as Pangea, millions of years ago.

We visited Asia and wrote secret codes to the Terracotta Warriors using the Chinese alphabet, we have created Rangoli patterns from India using coloured rice (very messy business!) and using our British Values, we have decided on a class tartan that we created when visiting Scotland. We have planted Leeks from Wales to understand what plants need and made potato bread from Ireland, discovering how to use ingredients, peeling and chopping as we went.

We moved to Antarctica in our Polar Explorer week and investigated whether plants can grow in Antarctica- this investigation is on-going as we observe the effects of the cold over time.

In English, we have been using our writing skills to create newspaper reports about the Royal Wedding, reporting on the facts of the day to give our readers the up-to-date, factual information. We then became news reporters on screen when we used our green screen, reporting the finding of an unusual item that had been washed ashore in the ‘Flotsam’ of the ocean. This was a book we have loved exploring as a class, it has engaged everyone fully, even the adults!

We are yet to travel to the remaining continents so here’s to another action-packed term!

Spring has sprung! It was another busy term in Year 2. During Spring 1 we had visits from pirate, Long John Silver and we discovered the lost world of the Dinosaurs.


Our Treasure Island topic started after our adventure to the New Vic Theatre to watch the amazing actors and actresses in Treasure Island. We used this to launch a wonderful sequence of lessons all based on Pirates and the classic text written by Robert Louis Stevenson.


In English we became actors and actresses to act out scenes from the spectacular narrative ‘Treasure Island’. We unpicked the story, created word carpets and soundscapes to support writing scene descriptions and became the characters in order to write playscripts using stage direction to support the actors and actresses. We then became news reporters and uncovered the mystery behind who had blown down the pigs straw house. There was various evidence left around the KS2 hall which we had to use to come to a sensible conclusion, inferring that it must have been a wolf due to the footprints and the description left by an eye-witness. We then wrote our own news reports relating to this incident.

In maths we got to grips with rounding numbers to the nearest ten to break the code on the pirates treasure chest, we used positional language to find the pirates treasure which had been hidden around our school. We became experts at multiplication and division using numberlines to support our calculations and we even had time to practise all four operations to solve problems given to us by Dr Fossil.


Our exciting dinosaur topic kicked off with an email from Dr Fossil who asked us to search for fossils which were potentially buried in our eco garden. We found fossils which prompted our learning. We took a look at the different periods within which various dinosaurs existed, how fossils occur in different ‘layers’ of earth, we produced timelines and uncovered the lives that dinosaurs lived. We teamed up with Early Years to discover which dinosaurs had left the mess in our KS1 hall, it turns out that a mix of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores had visited our school.


Here’s to the next action packed term.

A great big welcome to our class page. Here you will find a wealth of information, pictures and explanations of the learning that goes on in Year 2!


We can’t wait to get started and hope that you are as eager as us.


In our new term, we will kick things off as superheroes by looking at the heroes and heroines of our time and time gone by. The wealth of historical genius throughout the world will be explored as we find out what makes a hero or heroine. Our English lessons will focus around books which link to our theme in one way or another and our topic lessons will complement the national curriculum by skilfully creating engaging lessons which make learning fun.


Our class page will gain more information as the year goes on so please don’t forget to visit us!

Important days to remember

Home/school diaries: every day.

Reading books: every day.

Swimming: Thursday afternoon.

P.E: Bee Active- Monday afternoon.


Please ensure that your child’s P.E kit is in school at all times as we often have opportunities to engage in other, spontaneous, physical activities which kits may be needed. We send all kits home each half term.

Things to do at home

Reading is really important and especially important to us in Year 2 as we embark on the final stage of Key Stage 1. Here at Forsbrook, the expectation is that children should read with an adult at least four times per week. We cannot express how important reading to an adult is and how discussion about the story and the words used in the story can spur a child on. It really is the key to accessing all other learning.

What’s been happening in Year 2?

Throughout the first half of Autumn term, Year 2 have been exploring heroes and heroines. We spent a week focused on each hero or heroine and discovered the lives of Mother Theresa, Josiah Wedgwood, Clarice Cliff, Florence Nightingale and Charles Darwin. We explored the impact these people had on the world in which we live and even our local area. We researched habitats and the how the needs of the animals living there are met; like the great Charles Darwin, we created portraits of Mother Theresa; looking at placement of facial features, lines and used charcoal to shade, we discovered Clarice Cliff’s impact on the pottery world’s use of colour and created our own pots using bold colours then we created our own new colours in pottery just like Josiah Wedgwood. We even created our own canal system to safely transport our pottery like Josiah did.

In English, we have investigated author Oliver Jeffers’ story, Stuck. However is Floyd going to get his items out of the tree? Never fear, Year 2 are here to solve the issues. We thought of logical ways that Floyd could get help from a hero or could become his own hero, we used time conjunctions to order the story and we wrote alternate endings using adjectives and adverbs to add detail.

We went to Standon Bowers and wrote recounts about our time there. We had to think about the key things we wanted to include because we did so much whilst there, we could have written until the half term holiday! We have explored expanded noun phrases, how and when it is appropriate to use them and even learnt about similes and poetry. We then showed off our skills while exploring ‘The Black Hat’ a short film about a boy who finds a mystery black hat and the magic that comes from this. We role-played different scenes in drama sessions which was lots of fun!

In maths we have explored place value, writing numbers as words to cash our cheques at the ‘Superhero Bank’, we learnt about odd and even in an outdoor race to find the correct numbers, problem solved in the Standon Bowers tuck shop and learnt about addition and subtraction.

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