Vision & Values

Forsbrook Primary School

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission statement ‘A Christian School where quality and opportunities make a difference’ encompasses everything that we are about. We live and breathe our core values, we provide a quality education and we create opportunities that children will never forget!


Our Vision:

Our forward-thinking school aims to prepare our children for a rapidly changing world by delivering a creative, challenging curriculum which is tailored to the needs of all pupils and inspires children to be the best that they can be. A Forsbrook child will be kind, caring and considerate. They will become independent, reflective learners and will embrace opportunities confidently. Our four core Christian values: Love, Hope, Peace and Joy are at the heart of everything we do ensuring that our children become respected members of our community.


The school vision is underpinned by our four school values:
































These are the foundations that create ‘Our Forsbrook Family’.


Mutual Respect




Courage & Determination


Collective Responsibility