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Space – man!


Physical Development


PE will usually take place on Tuesday with Bee Active.


Mathematical Development


We will be focussing on securing our sense of number and using doubling and halving. This term children will secure their addition and subtraction using two single digit numbers. Explore estimation, problem solving that involves sharing into equal groups and combining 2, 5 and 10.


Creative Development


Our role play area will be a space station and space rocket that the children will create themselves.


In DT we will be looking at wheeled vehicles and creating our own space buggies.


In music we will be learning about different styles and genres of music and recapping how to keep a pulse and clap a rhythm. We will link this to our topic by creating ‘space music’ with ‘found’ instruments


Communication, Language & Literacy


We will be using a talk for writing approach to;


  • Write a non- chronological (information) report about aliens.

  • Use persuasive language to discuss if aliens should be allowed on earth.


This will be taught alongside daily phonics.


Personal, Social & Emotional Development


We will be thinking about ‘Going for Goals’ and learning how to set and achieve a target.


Knowledge & Understanding of the World


In Science we will be looking at forces and how we can affect them, linked with our space topic. Also we will be exploring growing and decaying.


In History we will be learning about Neil Armstrong and the first moon landing.


In RE we will we shall be exploring a number of bible stories and look at their meanings.


Our work in ICT will focus on data handling. We will also continue to find out how to be safe online.


Small World


Includes a ‘small world space station,’ sensory tray with alien gloop and moon sand, construction toys and physical toys all with a space theme. Opportunities for incorporating maths and literacy will be built in to the children’s choices throughout the learning environment.


Story Focus


Aliens Wear Underpants

Whatever Next


Learning at home


The best thing you can do to help your child with their learning, is to read with them every day at home and talk to them about what they have learnt at school.

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Traditional Tales

To begin our Traditional Tales topic the children adventured to Stafford Castle. It was here that the children had the opportunity to explore the castle, dress up as knights, make medieval coins and much more. From this experience the children will engage in narrative writing as their creativity has now been ignited. 

Jack & The Beanstalk

Today we planted Maze in our vegetable patch, the children helped to dig the holes, plant seeds and use the watering cans. We all hope they will grow as big as Jack's Beanstalk!

This week the children have been remembering all the soldiers that fought for us in the war. They engaged in activities, such as, writing a letter to the soldiers of today to say thank you for what they do for us. 

The children had a special visitor today, a nocturnal animal. The children got chance to handle it and learnt about how to care for one. 

The children took part in some exciting activities that are linked to their new topic, Owl Babies. They created habitats and made bird feed for the owls. 

Following our healthy eating assembly, our guest came in to run a workshop with the children. The children learnt about the five food groups and got to taste some healthy treats. 

Mystery Story Teller

Forest Schools

During our forest school session the children engaged in a high risk activity where they made a fire and toasted marshmallows. This was followed with a song around the camp fire, I'm the King of the Jungle.

On Tuesday Reception class explored the sounds of three woodwind instruments, the flute, clarinet and bassoon. The children listened to the sound of the instruments and sang along to some familiar tunes!

The children's magical mathematics continued as they became number detectives and went on a hunt around the school for numbers in the environment. They were tasked with naming the number, writing it and knowing the quantity for this number. 

After reading the Well known tale Jack and the Beanstalk the children decided to grow their own magic beans. With the help of Mr Holmes the children placed the beans in a jar with wet cotton wool in order to observe the progress of the beans in the coming weeks. 

Mother's Day Workshop

A huge thank you to all the Mum's and Grandma's for attending our Mother's Day workshop and making it so special! 

Receptions Tale of The Tempest…A Play written by William Shakespeare 


The children began their Tempest journey being introduced to the text through props that are used in the initial parts of the story, from these the children were tasked with coming up with the characters they thought they would come across and how these props would link to what kind of story line.


The play was broken down into 4 main Learning Objectives:


  • To know the name Shakespeare & that he was a writer. To gain an understanding of the story & how Prospero & Miranda landed on the island & why.

  • To gain an understanding of the next part of the play.  To know the other characters in the play Caliban & Ariel. To know what an island is.

  • To understand why Prospero asked Ariel to create a storm to cause a shipwreck & for children to act out being on a ship in a storm using the relevant vocab from the play e.g. ‘mercy on us’, ‘farewell brother’, ‘we split, we split!’

  • To know what happened to the sailors & what happens at the end of the play.

  • To bring all the parts together & perform the play to the nursery in the order that it has been taught.  

Spring Term 2017

Forest School Fun

Wow! Look at the traps that the children made to trap the dragons that were causing havoc. 

Police Visit

We had a visit from a police officer who told the children about their role in the community. Thank you so much Mrs Baker. 

World Book Day

To celebrate world book day the children came back to school in their pyjamas to read bedtime stories, they also enjoyed drinks and biscuits!

Bedtime Stories

To celebrate world book day the children in Reception and Nursery took part in bedtime stories. The children adventured back into school in the evening, wearing pyjamas and holding their teddy bears, to come and listen to a variation of stories. We finished with a drink of hot chocolate and a biscuit. 

The Dragon Machine written by Helen Ward


The children in Reception class are very excited about their new topic, The Dragon Machine, which takes them on a journey where they meet dragons and travel through the night sky to where the dragons live. 


The children were challenged to free the locked dragons by finding the correct keys to open the locks, finding one and two more. 

It was George's birthday and so the children in reception class made George sand cakes, reading and following instructions to create these. 


We became graffiti artists like the author Emily Gravett as part of our author study. 


The Snow Queen had frozen some dragons. The children were challenged to work scientifically to find the best material to melt the ice.  


In our role play area, the children created their very own dragon machine that took them on an adventure to find the dragons, using maps and torches to find them. The children created the dragon machine using screws and bolts. We also made a den for the dragons using stones, sticks and playdough. 

Australia Day

Reception and nursery joined together to celebrate Australia Day. The children took part in exploring the Australian lands, animals and music followed by wonderful arts and craft. 

Holi, the Hindu festival of colour

On Monday morning the children celebrated Holi, the Hindu festival of colour. The children threw lots of different coloured paints onto a large cloth to create a colourful masterpiece. 

Autumn Term 2016

The children have had a fantastic first couple of weeks in Reception class! 

A visit from Father Christmas

The year 3 children and Reception classes delivered Christmas cards to the local businesses in Forsbrook. 

Bee Active in Reception Class​

The children were taught ball skills; throwing and catching. 

Bear Hunt

The year 6 children wrote their own version of the Bear Hunt and took the reception class children on their magical journeys, stomping through grass, leaves, mud and even beans. This was followed by the year 6 children reading their wonderful stories to the younger children. Thank you Year 6!

Woodland Potions
Percussion Lesson

Today in our forest school session the children had to work with a partner to make a friendship woodland potion. 


Once created the children had to tell their friends something nice about their partner. 

Thank you for telling us a Christmas story. 

The children enjoyed a percussion lesson led by Miss Adams where they were challenged to follow a rhythmic beat. 

Parents Ideas Page

We will be using the theme of ‘Magical Me’ as described above to introduce your child to different areas of learning. If you would like to follow this up at home, here are a few ideas you might like to try.




  • Encourage your child to appreciate and to take care of their body. Talk about the importance of washing, cleaning teeth and combing hair.

  • Look at family photos. Talk about hair and eye colours.

  • Talk about your own childhood and the people who helped you at home. Describe the things that you did to help those who cared for you.

  • As you carry out jobs around the home, explain what you are doing. Encourage your child to consider how the task helps those who live in the home. 




  • Begin a diary of body changes. Help your child to record in pictures and/or words changes such as haircuts, new teeth and changes in shoe size and height.

  • Help your child to make a list of the jobs that they could do to help you. Stick the list where it can be seen clearly and where your child can tick off the jobs as they are done.




  • Visit the local library to look for non-fiction books about the body.

  • Make up stories about your child in which a body part is magical. Perhaps your child has magical eyes which can see through doors or a nose, which when wrinkled, grants a wish. 


In the home


  • Invite your child to help with safe cleaning jobs such as dusting.

  • Encourage them to help you sort the washing and hang it up to dry.

  • Allow them to count out cutlery and set the table. 


Out and about


  • Draw attention to how useful parts of our body are, e.g.: help your child to be aware of their ears as they listen for traffic when crossing a road.

  • Visit a park and explore the way arms can be used to push, swing, throw and lift. Enjoy running and playing.

  • As you walk outside help your child to recognise people who help them in the community such as police, ambulance drivers, shop assistants and so on.

  • Help your child recognise that writing and numerals are all around by looking at road signs, posters, labels in shops, etc.  



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