More opportunities...

January brought a new opportunity for KS2 children. Each week a child will have the opportunity to take home a keyboard to learn and play. Learning an instrument is a wonderful gift that ignites a life long love of music.


Watch this space to see which children have chosen to be... Mad about music!

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"I like the sound of the keyboard and it is nice to play. I recommend it to other people." 

"The keyboard can be challenging, but if you like a challenge and like music then I recommend you to play it." 

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"I liked trying the keyboard because I've never played the keyboard before."

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"I liked how you could play new songs on the piano and discover the sound."

Mad About Music

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Music is a magical gift. It gives us joy, happiness and the ability to express our emotions. Here at Forsbrook, we immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of music every single day.


In our daily Collective Worship we listen to music as a time of reflection and sing songs as a time of praise and joy. We all enjoy singing (including our teachers) and we love to learn new songs as well as confidently singing our favourite classics.


We have regular class music lessons where we sing, compose and listen to music. Our lessons are really fun and interactive. We sing and play a range of percussion instruments, also keyboards and glockenspiels.


When we are in KS2 we are given the opportunity to learn an instrument if we would like to. There are lots of instruments that we can choose to learn. We usually pick one and enjoy learning how to play it. Our lessons are taught in either small groups or 1:1 with the teacher. The teachers are specialists and they teach us how to play our instrument and read music. We also learn a little music theory too. Lessons are really fun, and it is so amazing to learn a new skill.


We can also further develop our musical skills by joining Orchestra Club. Every week we love to play our instruments with other children. This is called an ensemble. Orchestra Club is great because we get to play lots of fun music and learn lots of new skills. We even get to perform in concerts! Concerts are either in school, at our local church or at local schools. It is so exciting to perform in front of an audience. We are a little nervous at first but we have a great time and afterwards we are so proud of what we have achieved.


It isn’t just KS2 children that can learn an instrument. In KS1 and Reception, there is a weekly Recorder Club! Younger children have lots of fun learning to play the recorder with their friends, and they even put on little performances in school. Recorder Club learn simple tunes and have lots of fun playing musical games to develop their musical skills.


It is great to be excited by music at an early age. At Forsbrook, there are lots of opportunities to develop our musical interests. Throughout the school year we have live musical performances to listen to. These performances give us the opportunity to listen to different musical genres and hear a range of different instruments.


Music is the gift that keeps on giving!