Enrichment - Science


Week commencing 16th March our school took part in British Science Week.  It  was a jam packed week filled with lots of exciting and engaging activities .The children explored air resistance by making parachutes, they celebrated Einstein’s birthday, they made balloon rockets and slime to name just a few.


Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th March- We’re off to High School!

Year 4 and Year 5 went to partake in some very interesting science at our local high school Blythe Bridge High. Year 5 took part in a lesson about Forces whilst Year 4 took part in a lesson focusing on microscopes looking at different cells.



On Wednesday 18th March EYFS and KS1 took part in a carousal of activities. Each year group mixed together and were split into 3 different groups. The children had a fabulous time completing all the activities and it was a fantastic opportunity to bring together children from different year groups. It was a pleasure to see them all working, playing and building alongside one another.


The children went to visit our local library; the children looked at non-fiction texts on minibeasts and made their very own minibeast booklet.            






The children took it in turns to help tidy up our forest school area. The children discussed the importance of keeping our school and local community clean and tidy. They also began to dig out their very own mudpit and created bug hotels for our local minibeast friends.



We recently had FIZZ, POP SCIENCE in to run an after school club. Science club was practical and exciting, educational and intuitive. The children engaged in some fabulous activities ranging from letting off a rocket to   finger print analysis and creating their very own slime. Each week focused on a different area of learning and the children were able to take home with them a token gift! 


On Thursday 19th March we all became forensic scientists!

The Forensic Science workshop was a fantastic way to excite children about real life science!  The buzz of learning, from start to finish was amazing! A few of the activities including, finger print analysis, looking at DNA strands and code cracking. The children got knee deep in the skills of forensic science and left the school that day with a pep in their step and have a deeper love and appreciation of science.


On Friday 20th March we all went outside to watch the solar eclipse! Before going outside we all discussed the importance of health and safety and making sure we do not look directly at the sun. As a school we all gathered on the school playground and watched the eclipse using our very own eclipse viewers we made in our classes using paper and cardboard boxes.

It is suggested this ‘eclipse wind’ is an eclipse cyclone that occurs due to the cold outflow of air from the umbra (the region totally obscured by an eclipse). The debate on the existence, or otherwise, of the eclipse wind dates back more than a century. We decided to investigate this theory and so the children made wind pedometers and recorded and made frequent observations of temperature, wind speed and cloud movement. 

KS2 also explored how coding is essential to space exploration. Areas included were: programming with blocky, reviews of coding apps, using coding in space, and they also had a good look at how in the future we could be booking holidays to space!




The children worked together to make to investigate woodland areas. They children began by making a television screen using string and branches. They learnt how to tie knots and attach two branches together. Once they had completed their TV screens they found an area of woodland they found interesting they stood behind their screen with their homemade microphones and reported on the nature surrounding them e.g. plants, weather, minibeasts, water, etc.  They could include any wacky wildlife facts that they knew and interview each other.


Check out some science week video clips here