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Safer Internet Day #SID2018

Safer Internet Day 2019

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Safer Internet Day 2019: 

what we did.

It was another amazing, whole-school learning opportunity for this year's #SID. With this year's theme being 'Together for a better internet', we decided to embrace this by joining forces with KS1 and KS2 classes came together to support each other.

Yr1SS worked with Yr4, Yr1JH worked with Y3 and Y2 worked with Y5 to overcome our 'escape room'. The classes were tasked with 'permission missions' to think carefully about what consent is and how they would handle many different scenarios. The children worked so well together and have created some amazing displays that will feature in our ICT Suite as creative reminders of our day. EY's children took part in a drama session where they had to identify their emotions when faced with different scenarios. The children were then tasked with thinking carefully about how they would handle these emotions. Miss Adams was very proud of the children's maturity during these drama session and the depth of understanding the children displayed.

Yr5 and Yr6 then went onto support our wonderful parents in the online safety workshops that took place in the afternoon. There were lots of different activities on offer and it was a pleasure to invite our parents into join in with us. Thank you if you were able to attend.


#SID 2020

#Freetobe was this years theme for Safer Internet Day #SID2020. Once again, the whole school got involved in creating awareness of the need for safety online. The theme helped us to explore our identity which amalgamated perfectly with our PSHE topic currently which is 'Too much selfie isn't healthy'. We explored ways that we can be 'online' without realising; it's not all Facebook and Instagram. We discovered that Netflix, Minecraft and even having an a smart speaker or smart tv means that we are 'online'.

This led us to think about the ways that we present our identity to the world and how this can change between differing situations. We explored how identity might look offline and online which supported our discussions about our self. Who are we and how do we want to be known; online and offline. 

Year 5 and Year 6 then invited parents in to the safety workshops in the afternoon which, as always, was another success and we thank you greatly for engaging with us in this massively important subject. 

Once again, Forsbrook has loved and learnt in another SID year.

Well done everyone! :)

#SID 2021

'An internet we trust: exploring reliability in an online world'

It was another amazing Safer Internet Day this year here at Forsbrook and it was particularly appropriate as we find ourselves spending more time online than ever as some of us are home-schooling. We are so proud of how the well this year's theme was explored. The teachers reported some very mature discussions and approached to the things that we see online and how we could critically question the posters motives.

We explored how our favourite Youtubers and vloggers may be creating content that has been paid for and how to spot this content. We learnt that all paid for or sponsored content must, by law, show this by using advert, ad or sponsored in the post. We travelled through the Be Internet Legends universe in the game 'Interland' which supports our understanding through play. We learnt with Digiduck in Early Years who helped us to understand more about how to stay safe online. 

Each class participated with their own amazing, creative activities which remind our children how to stay safe online. We use Safer Internet Day as a fun way to remind us about being safe as we use our Digital Literacy skills throughout the year.

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