Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Year 3’s class page! Here you will find anything and everything you need to know about Year 3, including pictures and explanations of our learning. We are so excited to begin the year and hope that you are as eager as us! This term we will be buzzing into our first topic, “Our UnBEElievable Earth” by studying the functions and parts of plants and the role they play on our beautiful, green Earth. Children will be exploring the importance of bees to our ecosystems and studying why it is so crucial to stop them from becoming extinct. Through this learning, we will have the children thinking about the future of our Earth and the meaning of a sustainable Earth. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


Meet the Teacher:

My name is Miss. Barreto and I am beyond excited to be joining the brilliant team here at Forsbrook CE Primary School. Originally from Canada, I moved to the United Kingdom three years ago to complete my PGCE. I enjoyed my time here so much that, (after some protest from mum) I decided to stay and teach here in England! I cannot wait to get to know each of the children joining me in Year 3 and help them to reach their greatest potential! I know that alongside Mrs. James, Miss. Shaw and Mrs. Riley, we are going to have a wonderful year together!


Important Days to Remember:

Home/school diaries: every day.

Reading books: every day.

Swimming: Spring Term 1 and 2 on Friday afternoons.

P.E: Tuesday and Friday afternoons

Please ensure that your child’s P.E kit is in school at all times as we often have opportunities to participate in physical activities on non P.E days, which kits may be needed for. We send all kits home each half term.


Things to do at home:

As your children are entering their first year of Key Stage 2, continuing to read at home is very important.  Here at Forsbrook, the expectation is that children should read with an adult at least four times per week. By reading with an adult and discussing the story, children are not only exposed to a wide range of vocabulary, but they strengthen their inference skills which can be used in all areas of their learning.

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Autumn 1 

Welcome back to Year 3’s class page! We have had an absolutely amazing first half term in Year 3!



In Literacy we studied a fictional story called ‘Zelda Claw and the Rain Cat’. Through the process of imitation and innovation we then wrote our very own frightening suspense stories! We then looked at a nonfiction text called ‘Until I Met Dudley’. We used this instruction text to inspire and structure our own instructional texts on how to be a more positive person! As a class, we have also started reading Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, to help get us excited about our trip to Stratford later in the year. 


Speaking of reading, we have a brand new Reading Garden in Year 3. It’s one of the cosiest place in school, filled with pillows, bright colours and curtains on either side! We think some of the teachers might enjoy sneaking in with their cups of tea too!


In Maths we have studied place value, addition and subtraction. We have been exploring different methods we can use to support our addition and subtraction, including number lines, partitioning and columnar. 


I think it is fair to say that we are all experts now in taking care of our beautiful green planet. We have spent the term learning about the importance of recycling, understanding the life cycle of plants and studying the role bees play in our fragile ecosystems. Some of the activities we took part in during this Topic included planting our own mustard seeds, creating beautiful honeycomb art, changing the colour of celery’s roots and designing leaflets to promote recycling. Despite all of the fun we had learning about Our Un’BEE’lieveable Earth, we are just as excited to start our next topic: Ancient Egypt! 



Let's See Our Learning in Action


Autumn 2

Welcome back to Year 3’s class page! We have had one of the busiest and most wonderful half terms! We started the term by diving right into our topic of Ancient Egypt and finished the term covered in glue, paint and glitter, after making beautiful ornaments to sell at the Christmas Fayre!


In Literacy we studied a fictional story called ‘The Curse of the Hidden Tomb’. It was all about the journey and discovery of a Pharaoh’s tomb which allowed us to compare our class story to the real life events of Howard Carter’s discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb.  Through the process of imitation and innovation we then wrote our very own exciting journey stories! We then looked at nonfiction fact files on various topics. We unpicked the features we liked and would use in the creation of our own fact file. We then independently researched our own topics about Ancient Egypt using computers and iPads.  Some of the topics we researched were The River Nile, Cleopatra, King Tut and Mummification.


In Maths we have studied addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have been exploring different methods we can use to support our addition and subtraction, including number lines, partitioning and columnar. We have focused on the 3 and 4 times tables and have been learning some songs to help us remember them! When we return from Christmas we will focus on our 8 times table.


One of the most exciting days of our term was our Ancient Egyptian Day! I have never seen such beautiful and creative costumes! We had Ancient Egyptian slaves, mummies, pharaohs and someone even dressed up as the River Nile with a pyramid included! The children enjoyed a day filled of hieroglyphic decoding, creating Egyptian jewellery and headdresses and learning some Egyptian dance moves! Throughout the term we also looked at mummification, Howard Carter and comparing our lives to those of the Ancient Egyptians. We have studied the geography and landscape of Egypt, explored artefacts from that time period and created cartouches just as the Ancient Egyptians had. Lastly, we also made our very own papyrus! Despite all of the fun we had learning about the Ancient Egyptians we are just as excited to start our next topic: The Stone Age!


Year 3 would like to thank everyone’s support and participation in the events that have taken place this half term. We could not have had these wonderful experiences without you spending precious time creating costumes and supporting our class during the Christmas Fayre. Thank you for bringing in cookie cutters, toilet rolls and everything else! We could not have done it without all of you!

Spring 1

Year 3 have been exceptionally busy during this half term! We have studied two different texts, been taken back to the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages, learned all about forces and magnets and have perfected our multiplication and division.

In English, we started our half term by studying a text as a whole school called, ‘The Tin Forest’. This text, which is all about a lonely man, wanting to create nature and beauty on Earth, inspired us to write letters with wishes we have for our world. We wrote letters asking our local residents to stop throwing plastic away and start recycling it, to try cycling or carpooling to work, to plant more trees and much more.


We then began studying a new text called, ‘Stone Age Boy’ all about a little boy who travels back in time and finds himself in the Stone Age. We looked at inverted commas, relative clauses, prepositions and fronted adverbials and then applied these in our own time travel stories. Some of us travelled to the future, others to prehistoric times and Ancient Egypt!


In Maths we have spent many weeks becoming confident in our multiplication and division facts and have now learned to multiply and divide 2-digit by 1-digit numbers. When we return from half term we will be looking at money, statistics and fractions.

In Topic we have studied the early history of Britain, looking at the roles of children in each of the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages (no iPads was a shocker!). In Science we have learnt about forces and magnets. We sorted materials into magnetic and nonmagnetic, looked at how magnets are used in our daily lives and created our own magnetic games to plays.

Overall we have had a brilliant half term and participated in some very exciting activities such as, creating friendship bracelets to celebrate friendship day, making cave paintings like they did in the Stone Age and acting out biblical stories. Our next topic will be ‘Angry Earth’ focusing on rocks, minerals and the geology of our planet.

Spring 2

We have been working incredibly hard in Year 3 this term, utilising our exceptional acting skills, memorising lines, creating artwork for our set and learning lyrics. We hope you all enjoyed ‘A Big Green Adventure’ and it helped to motivate and inspire you to take better care of our beautiful Earth. It has definitely inspired all of us to do so! The Year 3 team cannot thank you enough for all of your support and enthusiasm towards our Production. We really could not have done it without you!


In English, we have read an adapted children’s version of ‘Journey into the Centre of the Earth’ and studied the grammatical features used by the author. We wrote our own character and setting descriptions and started our poetry unit, which will continue when we return from Easter break. We have been busy in Maths covering Money, Statistics and Length. Upon return, we will finish our measurement unit by looking at Perimeter and then dive into fractions!


Our Geography based topic this term was ‘Our Angry Earth’ and consisted of the children learning all about volcanoes and natural disasters such as, Earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes. We had fun learning all about the layers of Earth beneath our feet, exploring volcanoes around the world and creating our own ‘earthquake proof’ structures out of mini marshmallows, cocktail sticks and spaghetti!


In Science, we studied types of rocks, fossils and soil formation. We had the chance to investigate and compare igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and even learnt the signs for each! We looked at how fossils formed and we created edible soil cups with chocolate chips, biscuits and gummy worms that showed the layers of soil.

Summer 1

This term in Year 3 we began preparing for our very exciting trip next term to Stratford, by studying all things Shakespeare! 


In English, we studied one of his most famous tragedies, Macbeth and looked at the features used in play-writing. We studied a children’s version of the play that is written as a story and rewrote a part of it as a script. We then wrote our own scripts using the grammatical features and format we learnt about. 


We also looked into Shakespeare’s family history and explored the places where he grew up. We could not be more excited to see these places in real life when we go to Stratford! We spent time studying the Globe Theatre and creating leaflets encouraging people to come and view plays at the Globe! Lastly in Art, we learnt how to draw portraits and utilised these skills by creating William Shakespeare portraits as a final project. When drawing these we focused on the individual facial features we had practised throughout the term and applied them to his picture. 


We have worked very hard in Maths this term mastering Fractions! We found fractions using shapes, learnt how two fractions can make a whole, found tenths of a number, explored mixed number fractions and linked dividing the denominator and multiplying the numerator to find a solution. 


Lastly, in Year 3 we have the amazing opportunity to participate in the FIRST Lego League Junior Mission Moon Challenge. This league was created as a non-competitive, hands-on STEM program geared toward children. This summer they will be learning about the moon and exploring what kinds of problems they would need to solve to live there. All teams will show what they learn by designing and creating a Moon Base, Motorised Rocket and much more. More on this adventure to come






Summer 2

What an amazing end to an amazing year in Year 3!


We have had a brilliant residential in Stratford, been to a wonderful Lego League Expo, learned all about Hinduism on World Faith Day and some of us even went to compete in Athletics at Northwood.


In English, we wrote a fictional mini saga that we then entered into a countrywide Ancient Adventures Writing competition! We all chose different Topics based on our favourite period in history. Some of us went back to Ancient Egypt or the Stone Age, others wrote about the Titanic or when dinosaurs roamed the Earth! Upon returning from Stratford, we then wrote a non-fiction recount about our experiences away from home, visiting the town of all things Shakespeare.


In Maths, we have been busy learning about Time, Angles, Shapes and Weight and Capacity.


Our Topic this term was the Romans and we spent some time studying Roman Soldiers, Roman Emperors and their way of life.


Year 3 have had two very special opportunities this term. The first, was our wonderful residential to Stratford, where we spent two nights away with our teachers and friends. We saw Shakespeare’s Birthplace, New Place, Hall’s Croft, Ann Hathaway’s Cottage and Mary Arden’s Farm. We also went on a scavenger hunt around Stratford, had a very competitive rounders tournament and made many memories with our friends.


The second experience we were very lucky to partake in was, the FIRST Lego League Junior Expo! We worked incredibly hard creating our moon bases, building and programing motorised parts and displaying our work on posters. All of our teams took home an award and we could not have been prouder! Our determination, positivity, organisation and teamwork paid off. We cannot wait to see what next year’s Lego League theme is!