Year 3

Welcome to our Year 3 class page.

We can't wait to share our joint learning journey with you. Here you will find anything and everything you need to know about Year 3, including pictures and explanations of our learning. 


Important Things to Remember:


Home/school diaries and reading books: Please bring these in daily.

Diaries will now only be checked once a week on a Monday, if there is an important message you wish for us to read urgently, please make sure your child brings their diary directly to their teacher or write a separate note.


P.E: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (apart from the term where swimming takes place, see day below)

Please ensure that your child wear their P.E. kit to school on their P.E. days.



Swimming: Swimming will take place in the Autumn Term on Fridays. Children are required to wear their P.E kits to school and ensure that their swimming kit (swimming caps are to be included in kit) is brought to school.

Mid-morning snack: Pupils in KS2 are allowed to bring in a piece of fruit as a mid-morning snack to eat during playtime or order tuck from our school. Items are toast, bagel or pancake. Please ensure your ParentPay is up to date if your child wishes to order tuck. 

Water Bottles:  Please encourage your child to bring a named, reusable water bottle to school to drink throughout the day.



Please ensure that your child's uniform is labelled. Items are easily left around the school and are difficult to return if not labelled.



We ask that children read at least 4 times per week.

Please sign your child’s diary to indicate when they have read. On Monday mornings, we will check your child’s diary and stamp the bottom of the page if they have read at least 4 times.

This will then gain them a star on the ‘Reading Road to success’ (which can be found in their reading diary). For every week your child reads at least four times, they will take another step along the road. When they eventually get to the bronze finish line, they will receive a certificate. Their next goal is then silver, where they will receive a special book mark, and then Gold. This is the ultimate goal, where they receive a book token.  



Spellings this year are slightly different that have been in previous years. Please refer to the letter sent regarding spellings in Year 3.



Please practise times tables with your child/ren. There are fantastic ways to support your child, particularly using Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS), a subscription paid for by the school to an app that supports times table recall. Please make the most of this, it's great fun and free for you to use.


Creative Curriculum

Homework books containing optional homework tasks will be sent home at the beginning of each half term; these will all be linked to our topic for this term. We look forward to celebrating the wonderful creations that your children have done at home!

Our first topic is Small Acts, Big Impacts. This topic focuses on recycling and the impacts this has on our planet. We will be exploring some inspirational stories and focusing on the positives that particular individuals have had on our world. Remember to stop by and see our journey through this topic.

Autumn 1

It was wonderful to get back into the classroom with everyone this half term and start our term as 'normal' as possible. It hasn't taken long for children and adults to settle back to our old routines (albeit ever-changing).
In our lessons we have delved into the story of Isatou Ceesay, the recycling queen of Gambia! First we created newspaper about her incredible achievements and then, inspired by her, we created kenning poems about the rainforest animals that featured in our guided reading text 'The Great Kapok Tree'. This text has taught us so much about the impacts of deforestation on our precious Earth.

In maths we have sought to consolidate and improve our understanding of place value and deepened our knowledge through engaging with 3-digit numbers. We have learnt about the value of each digit and the relationships between making numbers 10 times bigger and smaller and how this effects place value. We then used this knowledge to become experts when using the column method to solve addition and subtraction problems.

In topic and science we have been looking at the life cycle of a flowering plant where the children explored what plants need to thrive and survive. We conducted some fantastic experiments where we grew plants under different conditions to observe the results. We have created beautiful pieces of art, where we studied the different parts of a flower.
In geography we have been observing how land is used in our local area, nationally and internationally. We took this opportunity to take a stroll around our local area to see how land it used in Forsbrook. We looked at land-use and created our own farm using topographical maps and sought to find what kind of farming would be best according to the lay of the land.
It has been a fantastic start to our first half term of the year. We can't wait for Autumn part 2!

Autumn 2

Autumn 2 has been a fantastic term Year 3 where we travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt.



In English, we have explored the story of the Egyptian Cinderella a twist on the famous fairy tale. We followed Rhodopis (the Egyptian Cinderella) on her journey from Greece, being a servant in Egypt, to eventually becoming the wife of the Pharaoh. We created descriptions of the main characters and also retold the start of the story in our own words.


In Maths, we have built on our knowledge of place value by using it to solve difficult addition and subtraction problems and consolidated our knowledge of the formal column method. We then moved on to practicing our multiplication and division, using our knowledge of times tables to help solve related facts. These are 2 tricky concepts but the children were amazing.


In topic, our trip back in time took us to Egypt around 5000 years ago to look at the Ancient Egyptians and their civilisation. We learnt all about the incredible monuments which they created, their dependence on the River Nile and how they created mummies.


In science, we explored animals including humans. We looked at the different foods animals need and paid close attention to what we as a humans need to eat, even looking at what different nutrients are in some of our favourite foods. Next we saw how important bones and muscles are to our everyday life and how we would be lost without them. We linked this to our D+T project where we made Gingerbread men, looking at the ingredients that were not-so-healthy and how we could adapt the recipe to make it healthier. We taste tested existing projects to understand what we were looking for in terms of taste, texture and smell. We then adapted the recipe, made our own gingerbread men and taste tested our products to see which we preferred out of the 5 adaptations we chose. Turns out that the original recipe tasted better so we spoke about regulating unhealthy foods according to our 'eat-well' plate.

We also created some superb items for our Christmas market stall to sell to parents. We created an amazing advertisement (if we do say so ourselves!) using greenscreens and wonderfully creative actors and actresses in our class. We even won best advertisement for it! 

Again we have had some fantastic pieces of homework and are incredibly proud of what the children have produced this term. Well done everyone!

The Year 3 team wish you all a wonderful, peaceful and safe Christmas and a happy 2021. We look forward to welcoming the children back in the new year for Spring 1!