Welcome to Year 2

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We are so looking forward to our year ahead with you. Here you will find a wealth of information, pictures and explanations of the learning that goes on in Year 2.

We can’t wait to get started and hope that you are as eager as us!


Important things to remember:

Home/school diaries: every day.

Reading books: every day.

Swimming: Friday afternoon- SUMMER TERM ONLY.

P.E: Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon.
Please can you ensure that your child’s full P.E kit is in school, present and correct, each day. We are often fortunate enough to have extra P.E sessions which may be unannounced therefore is imperative that kits are present and correct.

Water bottles: every day                                                                 The impact of a book

Things to do at home:

Reading is so very important to your child’s cognitive development and
especially important to us here in Year 2 as we embark on the final
stage of Key Stage 1. Here at Forsbrook, the expectation is that children
should read with an adult at least four times per week. We cannot
express how important reading to an adult is and how discussion about
the story and the vocabulary used within the story can positively impact
upon learning. It really is the key to accessing learning and therefore ask
that you read frequently with your child.

In our new term we will kick things off as superheroes by looking at heroes and heroines of our time and times gone by. The wealth of historical genius throughout the world will be explored as we find out what makes a hero or heroine. Our English lessons will focus on books which link to our theme and our topic lessons will complement the national curriculum by skilfully creating engaging lessons which make learning fun.

Our class page will gain more information as the year goes on so please don’t forget to visit us.


Awesome Autumn

Autumn 1 Celebrating our Heroes and Heroines

Year 2 have had an incredible start to our learning. We can't quite believe what we have managed to squeeze in to our jam-packed term. We have been exploring the topic of Heroes and Heroines. During this topic, we have delved into the meaning of the word 'hero' and looked at what it takes to be known as such. Within this, we have explored how people have shaped the world we live in today. People such as Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale and Charles Darwin have taught us valuable lesson about kindness, empathy and determination.

In English we have explored the text 'Stuck' by Oliver Jeffers. Silly Floyd getting his kite stuck in a tree, how can we help? That is the question we posed and realised that the firemen in the story may be able to help if only they had more detail about the items that were stuck in the tree. Never fear, Year 2 have used expanded noun phrases to each item in order to help the firemen rescue each item.

In maths we have been exploring place value and addition. Each number has its own 'worth', just like us so we have been exploring what it means to be a 'ten' and 'one' on our place value chart. We have been using this understanding of place value to add up the length of the items that are stuck in the tree. We used a number line to support our learning.

In topic, we have used our artistic sketching skills to sketch a picture of Mother Teresa, looking at shading techniques. We have learnt all about how Florence supported soliders in the Crimean war and took the journey with Charles Darwin to find out all about habitats and environments that are 'fit for purpose' and how animals have adapted to them. We have taken a look closer to home with Clarice Cliff and Josiah Wedgwood and how they have shaped the city that we are a part of. We have also explored how we can be our own hero in PSHE. We thought about what friendship means to us, what happens when friends fall out and how to help ourselves solve some tricky friendship conflicts. It has been a busy time.

All in a terms work!

Autumn 2. Land Ahoy.

Aye me mateys…Year 2 became 'pirates of the key stage' this term learning all about Long John Silver, Ben Gunn and Jim through our class text ‘Treasure Island’. We have secured our knowledge and understanding of the grammatical features already taught in Autumn 1 and expanded our knowledge with joining clauses through using conjunctions and experimenting with long and short sentences to engage the reader. We had a special visitor, Long John Silver himself! We had to write questions and Long John answered them in detail. We used this detail to form a character description that included descriptions of his appearance and personality. We concluded that Long John Silver was an ‘evil trickster’. As we have been exploring a text from the past, we have also explored how to place sentences in the past in the simple form and past progressive form.

Ben Gunn has been stranded! Year 2 HELP!

We worked hard to create rafts using scientific exploration of various materials to discover which resources were best suited to meet our design criteria. In design and technology, we drafted a sketch by generating and developing our ideas through talking, drawing and creating a mock-up with paper straws. We checked our mock-ups against the design criteria and then created the rafts using the most appropriate material. We used hand saws, vices and Miss Cotton helped us to hot glue the rafts together then we tested them on the choppy seas (or a water tank from Year 1). Success! Ben Gunn safely escaped Treasure Island. We then looked to the real pirates of the world and discovered Black Beard. We made comparisons of the areas that Black Beard sailed; England and the Caribbean and discovered how similar and different these areas are.

Throughout all of this learning there has been something else going on…oh yes! A nativity spectacular! We learnt how to decode play-scripts and how to use the information given in the script. The stage directions worked wonderfully and the children’s performances of The INN-spectors were absolutely FANTASTIC! Year 1/2 teams could not have been any prouder! Another fabulous term here at Forsbrook.

Spring 1

Wow, did you know that Year 2 are Bee rescuers? In our new topic BEEing rescuers the children have immersed themselves in our environmental education topic where we have looked at the plight of the humble bumble bee and honey bee.

We have explored the extinction of the dinosaurs and compared them to the world that we are living in now and how we can save the bees from being threatened with extinction. As scientists, we have explored the benefits that bees have created for us (healthy fruits) and we looked at the basic needs of animals in order for us to be able to save the bees by understanding what they need.

We have explored the Tin Forest in English which centres around polluting the world with tin. We hoped we could transfer this information to make it applicable to the world in which we live and the plastic pollution problems that we are currently experiencing. The children become very absorbed in this topic and have endeavoured to ensure that they become more environmentally friendly. In maths the children have explored money and how we can make different amounts by ‘shopping’ for different items. The children really enjoyed using money in a practical context. We have explored the four operations in even more detail We have recapped addition and subtraction and explored multiplication and division in depth using various methods to solve lots of challenges.

It has been an action packed term once again and we look forward to our next term…

Spring 2

Super spring has sprung in Year 2. This term we have been working super hard on finding out who, or what, left a mysterious, golden egg in our Eco garden. There were so many opportunities for detective work that we were able to really focus our attention, observation skills, inference skills and prediction skills to work out that it must have bene a rogue dragon who accidentally left an egg here.

We wrote letters to Doctor Horatio Bartholomew Smythe at the Natural History Museum to explain to him the things that we had found and even sent photographic evidence to support our claims. We wrte newspaper articles to warn the local residents of what had happened and then waited patiently for Dr Smythe to tell us what to do should the egg hatch. We waited so long that we decided to write our own information texts about all things ‘Dragon’, just in case we needed information and instructions on how to care for the beast.


In maths we have been learning about measure (practically measuring the space of our hall should we need somewhere to house a dragon), shape (learning about the variety of 2D and 3D names and all the facts about each shape), fractions (fractions of shape and amounts, important because did you know that dragons eat ¾ of any given amount) and time (we needed to know how long it would take for the egg to hatch)… Super busy as you can see.


During topic time, we have discovered the locations of castles to uncover where the dragon may have lived, we looked carefully at the human and physical features of each area to determine which may be the possible location. We have discovered the reason there are castles in the U.K and what their purpose was for in history and looked specifically at the Tudor family to see how battles were won using the land and defending the castle. We even made our own catapults in D+T to test historical defences, observed the results of modifications to the catapults and recorded and evaluated the result- such super scientists! We loved like to say a big thank you to Mrs Warren who came into Year 2 with her colleague to talk about fair trade, sustainability and how the Co-op are supporting this. We really loved dressing up and getting into the role. It was great hearing how big companies are working towards a more sustainable future :) 


Here’s to another fun-filled, jam-packed term. Especially fun because we get to practise our SWIMMING skills! 

Don’t forget- Friday afternoons; swimming kits are needed. Thank you.

Summer 1

What a fantastic time we have had in Year 2 in such a short term! We have been learning all about things ‘Weird, Wacky and Wonderful’ during Summer 1. Under weird, we studied how music can be made with just about anything and we recreated a ‘car choir’ using our voices to mimic different sounds.

In our ‘wacky’ week, we explored the Austrian artist ‘Hundertwaser’, who is an abstract, landscape artist. His beliefs were that humans should not impact upon the world in which they live and he used this and the landscapes around him to create some amazing art. With this in mind, particularly thinking back to our sustainability topic, we took some time out in the eco garden to create amazing art that links with Hundertwasser’s ideology.

During our week of ‘wonderful’, we explored how resilient plants are and how wonderful their life cycle is. We plants sunflower seeds and will observe their growth weekly, recording the results carefully. This will support the claims we made in our predictions about the conditions some of the seeds were left in.

In other news, we were chosen to be secret agents and had to take part in some ‘Secret Agent Training’. The more team points we collected, the greater chance we had of receiving a prize at the end of our training. The children did phenomenally well and received a certificate and a party! Well done Year 2!

It has been an action-packed whirlwind. Here’s to our next topic ‘An Island Home.’






Summer 2

It's been a fantastic term again with our Island Home topic. Year 2 have been exploring a completely different world in English through Alice in Wonderland. We have re-written narratives as play scripts. The children then applied for 'jobs' in our very own theatre company, each explaining why our qualities best suit the chosen role. Following this, we then put together an amazing production of Alice in Wonderland; from stage managers and design to lighting designers and musicians, the Year 2's produced the whole thing. We even took Alice to maths in Alice in Numberland. We practised our place values skills, symmetry knowledge and various other maths practise that we have been learning over the year. It was fantastic to recover our knowledge. In topic we have explored different continents and discovered different lands, cultures, climates and ways of life. It has all been going on whilst creating a dance that we performed at the YMCA in front of the Royal Opera House ballet performers and other schools, taking part in cookery for our Cream teas afternoon and taking part in a 'general election' to become class teacher for the day.

It has been another fun-filled term and one that has beautifully rounded off our time together in Year 2.