Our very first 'Writer of the Week'


Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to the Year 1 class page. This page will provide opportunities for us to share some of the amazing learning that takes place within our class.

Important days to remember:

PE: Monday and Wednesday 

Please bring your reading book and home/school link diary each day as this is an important and efficient way to communicate with your class teacher.


As a school, we are committed to helping every child to fulfil their full potential. Developing the skill and enjoyment of reading is essential in enabling our children to become successful learners. It is crucial that you aim to read with your child at least 4 times per week. This will help their learning across the curriculum and promotes their self-esteem.

Your support at home is, of course, crucial to the successful development of your child’s reading. Your child will have a ‘Home School Link Book’ for you to record in every time you read with your child. This will help their learning across the curriculum and promotes their self-esteem. There are lots of ways in which you can help your child at home; we have listed a few ideas below:


          Listen to your child read


          Read a story to your child

          Share a book together – take it in turns to read pages 

·         Before you begin a book – look at the cover – ask your child to predict what the book will be about 

·         Stop at a point in the story – ask your child to predict what will happen next. Why do they think that? 

·         Make your own predictions and explain your reasons. Remember children learn by imitating others. 

·         Look through a book first, only looking at the illustrations – try and work out what is going to happen

·         At the end of the book – discuss ‘who is your favourite character?’ and ‘did you enjoy this book? Why?’

·         Make up a quiz about the book. Or even better ask your child to ask you questions!

·         Pretend you are a character. Get the children to ask you questions and answer in role. Swap over to allow them to have a go at ‘being’ the character. 

·         Can you find the word [put your own word here] anywhere in the book? 

·         Make up stories together relating to what happened before or after the story took place.

·         Practice reading the 100 and next 200 High Frequency words from the reading diary.