What Do We Want Our Pupils To Experience?



Forsbrook Primary School

WHAT are we aiming for?

Our carefully planned extended curriculum aims to provide children with a range of experiences and opportunities, which foster and nurture their interests and talents whilst also enriching our subject-specific curriculum. Our extended curriculum supports children’s personal growth, provides equal opportunities for all and, most importantly, creates life-long memories.

HOW do we achieve this?

Extra-Curricular Clubs

We offer a range of extra-curricular clubs at lunchtimes and after school. These clubs change each term to give variety across the year and to ensure that all interests are catered for. Club opportunities include:

Sports Clubs
Green Goblin
Forest Schools
Board Games
Code Club
Times tables
Magazine Club
Arts Award


School day trips enhance our subject-specific curriculum and change according to planned topics. Most day trips take place in Key Stage One and provide additional learning experiences that cannot be gained in the classroom.


Residentials enhance both our subject-specific curriculum and personal development and take place from Year 3 upwards. Our residentials are planned to ensure that four main elements of the curriculum are covered across the four years:

1.   The Core Curriculum - English

2.  The Humanities Curriculum –History/Geography

3.  The Creative Curriculum – The Arts

4.   Personal Development


They are also planned to give children experiences of three different types of location:

1.    Busy City

2.   Historic City

3.   Countryside


Currently our residentials are structured as follows:

Year 3 – 2 Nights in Stratford – History/English

Year 4 – 2 Nights in Malhem – Geography

Year 5 – 1 Night in London – The Arts/English

Year 6 – 4 Nights Outdoor Pursuit – Personal Development

Opportunities to Perform

Children have opportunities to develop confidence and public speaking through performance in:

1)     Annual performances (Christmas, Easter, Summer)

2)    Class Assemblies

3)    Clubs (Choir/Orchestra)

4)    Whole School/Phase Projects (Sing up, Young Voices)

5)    Drama School (Evening class)

6)    Church Worship

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Opportunities to Represent our School

Children have opportunities to develop a sense of pride and experience events outside of school such as:

1)    Inter-School sporting events and competitions

2)   STEM projects and events with universities

3)   Drama/Dance projects 

4)   Church Events

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Community Events

Children have opportunities to develop a sense of belonging by being a part of community events such as:

1)    Summer Fayre

2)   Fireworks

3)   Chocolate Bingo

4)   Litter picks

5)   Local library visits

6)   Supporting local businesses & charities

Transition Events

Children have the opportunity to visit our local high school to take part in transition events including:

1)    Olympic legacy day

2)   Maths puzzle day

3)   Language for literacy day

4)   Physics festival

5)   P.E events

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Charity Events

Each term we take part in at least one charity event including:

1)   Sport Relief

2)   Children in Need

3)   Red Nose Day

4)   Christmas Jumper Day

5)   Cake sales

6)   Fun runs

7)   Food Bank    


Individual children often choose to raise money for their own chosen charities and we support and celebrate this as a school.

Parental Engagement

We engage parents through:

1)   Class Assemblies and celebrations

2)   Special lunches and dinners

3)   PTFA events

4)   Creative Workshops (Rec – Y6)

5)   Information sharing workshops

6)   Parent Forums

7)   Social Media

8)   Sports Events

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