Bringing Our Vision & Values To Life Through a Quality Curriculum!

Forsbrook Primary School

At Forsbrook, we believe in creating exciting experiences within and outside of school in order to develop the ‘whole child’. Therefore, our curriculum is built around three BIG questions:


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For each of these areas, we have given careful consideration to WHAT we want to achieve and HOW we achieve it in order to ensure that our curriculum content and coverage:

·         Is broad and balanced

·         Is exciting and relevant

·         Is flexible and topical

·         Prepares children for the future

·         Caters for all children’s needs

·         Considers the views of all stakeholders

Click on the links below to find out more about each of our BIG questions:

Our Curriculum Impact

How can we make our curriculum EVEN better?

As part of our continued drive for improvement, we are always striving to further develop our curriculum offer.


Our current action points are:


  • Plan opportunities for children to apply mathematical skills across the curriculum

  • Develop a greater passion for reading

  • Develop a system for reading which provides a wide range of texts for children to access at an appropriate level

  • Ensure that planning provides opportunities to develop deep knowledge and understanding of subject-specific vocab across the curriculum. 

  • Develop the teaching of foundation subjects to ensure that there is a greater focus on progression of skills.

  • Plan opportunities to embed British Values across the curriculum

  • Plan opportunities for cross-curricular learning through forest schools

  • Provide children with a range of opportunities to take part in competitive sports, both within and out of school.