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Summer 2

What a wonderful end to a fantastic year! This half term Reception class explored the topic of Traditional Tales and went on their first school trip visiting Stafford Castle. In literacy they have retold stories and written character descriptions. In maths the children have become time telling experts and have solved addition and subtraction problems, grouping quantities in 2s, 5s and 10s. In PE the children had their first taste of Taekwondo and have continued swimming lessons. Reception class have loved being a part of the school stain glass window project, creating colourful art pieces. The children took part in Sports day and afterwards enjoyed a lovely family picnic. We can't believe how fast this year has gone and what a wonderful year it has been!

Summer 1

This half term we have been busy bees exploring our Minibeasts topic! It all began when caterpillars arrived in our classroom. Soon they turned into chrysalises and now we are waiting for them to become butterflies! We have been observing them daily, checking for any changes! The arrival of caterpillars launched our first story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We became authors and retold the story using a minibeast of our choice. We have also enjoyed writing our Weekend News every week, sharing our exciting weekend trips with our friends!

In maths we have been estimating sweets in a jar and completing addition sums using a number line. It has been wonderful to explore our outside area more this half term, as the weather has been lovely! We have written number lines in chalk, created meals in the mud kitchen, cycled along the track, tended the growing vegetables, built sandcastles and read our books in the sunshine!


We have been saying special thank you prayers to God for looking after minibeasts and have also been looking after the environment ourselves by having regular litter picks. Water beads have landed in our water tray and we have loved scooping them into containers. We have been using the language of full, empty and half full/empty whilst exploring the sand and water. We look forward to our next topic Traditional Tales where we will be engaging ourselves in a world storytelling! We will also be going on our very first school trip, lots to look forward to!

Remember in the hot weather I need to wear a cap and sun cream. Please put sun cream (with my name on) in my bag in case it needs reapplying in the day. 

Spring 2

What an adventure we have been on this half term! We travelled into space, learnt about the planets and been on a journey of discovery! We loved being astronauts in our role play and immersing ourselves in stories about space. Our favourite story was Whatever Next where Baby Bear travelled to the moon, we retold the story in our writing and also wrote a postcard to Mrs Bear when we were on the moon! We became super authors by writing an imaginative ending to a story, we loved sharing our story endings with our friends.

In maths, we have counted in 2s, doubled numbers, halved numbers and explored addition and subtraction for numbers to 20! Wow we have been busy!

We have loved our PE sessions where we have developed our skills in throwing, balancing and negotiating obstacles.

In music we composed our own sounds of rockets and space using our voices and body percussion, then moving to using instruments. We loved drawing a space scene in art and exploring paints, crayons, felt tips and chalk in our classroom.

Ready for the warm weather, we became green fingered and planted seeds in our garden, we are looking after them everyday. 

After Easter, mini beasts will be arriving in our classroom and the space station will return back home.

We look forward to starting swimming lessons every Thursday afternoon, please send me to school with a swimming costume/trunks and a towel in a bag with my name on. 


Spring 1

This half term Reception Class have been very busy exploring dinosaurs…

It all began when a small egg appeared in our classroom, then a ginormous egg appeared! We had to keep the school safe, so we wrote notices to warn others not to touch the egg in case it cracked. Over the weekend our egg hatched, and we had a baby dinosaur to look after! We thought carefully about what we should do and how to look after the dinosaur, we thought it would be just like looking after a baby. After a week we still had the baby dinosaur and a child said “Do you think he is sad without his mummy? I think we should try send him back to her”. We took a class vote and decided the baby should be sent home because we thought the dinosaur would feel sad away from his mummy, like how we would feel away from our mummy. On Monday morning the baby dinosaur had returned home and left us a present to say thank you for looking after him! It was a story all about a dinosaur called Daisy. We have loved reading this story and retelling it using drama.

In Maths Reception class have been using tens frames to represent numbers. We have also been looking at different ways to make 5, using cubes, numicon and lots of different equipment. Also, different sized dinosaur teeth arrived in our classroom and we were challenged to order them by length.

Reception class have also been busy becoming superstar gymnasts, learning about herbivores and carnivores, making dinosaur fossils, creating beautiful artwork based on the artist Paul Klee and learning many other exciting things!

Reception Class had a few special visitors this half term. For four sessions Mr Murcer came into our classroom to talk about healthy eating with his two puppet friends. The children discussed healthy eating and were able to try lots of different foods, using their senses to look, smell, feel and taste. This has been a great experience for the children and they have loved trying different foods.

We look forward to our next topic Space ‘Out of this World’… what will be landing in our classroom? Watch this space!

Autumn 2

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Reception class have been in a Winter Wonderland for the past seven weeks!

We have written our Christmas list to Santa, created and sold our handmade Christmas decorations, developed our knowledge of one more and one less for numbers 0-10, explored and compared 2D and 3D shapes, begun to add two single-digit numbers, sequenced the story of Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night, written a list of items needed to visit the North Pole, compared clothing for different seasons and… performed a Nativity play!

We have grown in confidence over this last half term as we performed songs and said our lines in front of an audience. It took a lot of practise to perfect our Nativity and we loved learning the songs, saying our lines and getting dressed up!

We look forward to our next topic Roahhhh! Is that a dinosaur I saw?

Autumn 1

Wow! What a great time we’ve had in our first eight weeks at school. We have gained confidence, made new friends, learnt new skills and settled into our Forsbrook family.

For our first topic Marvellous Me we developed our speaking and listening skills by sharing our special boxes with our friends and asking questions to others.

We have been jumping into stories written by the marvellous author Julia Donaldson, making predictions about the stories and learning all about the characters.

We have been helping Phonic Phoebe to read and write in our daily phonics lessons. These are key skills that are crucial to our success in school and it is very important that we read at least four times a week at home.

Our role play has explored the stories of Julia Donaldson from Tiddler to The Troll. We especially enjoyed cooking our favourite meals in the Troll Kitchen and writing a list of the ingredients.

In maths we have helped Counting Colin to count from 0-20, recognise numbers, understand one more/one less, discover number blocks (looking closely at numbers 0-5), create AB and AAB patterns and recognise and name 2D shapes.

We have created marvellous artwork such as a self-portrait and our very own mermaid tail from the story The Singing Mermaid, using a range of colours and textures.

In our weekly PE lessons, the marvellous Miss Georgina has come into school to teach us dance. We have explored making large and small movements, moving in time to the beat and developing our confidence.

Outside we have watered our marvellous vegetable patch and observed changes, also looked after our wildlife by creating bird feeders.

We look forward to discovering our next topic A King is Born…

Welcome to Reception

Welcome to the Reception Class page! Come take a look at all the wonderful learning that goes on in and around our classroom.

Here is a little information for Reception Class:


Please bring: a water bottle, your book bag, school reading books and your school diary every day (any messages can be written in the diary).


Please leave on your peg: a bag of spare clothes and your PE kit (these will be taken home at the end of every half term for a wash).


On Monday afternoons we enjoy talking and listening to our friends in ‘Show and Tell’. We can bring in an item that is special to us to share in ‘Show and Tell’ (children will be keeping these safe in their book bag throughout the day).

Our first topic…  Marvellous Me!

Our topic for Autumn term one is 'Marvellous Me'. During the next eight

weeks we will be embarking on an adventure of discovery, finding out

about the world around us and all about ourselves. We will be sharing

our Marvellous Me boxes with each other, telling our friends all about

ourselves, our family and our favourite things.


In Reception class we have seven areas that we focus on, these are

split into the three prime areas: Personal, Social and Emotional

Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language and

the four specific areas: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World,

Expressive Arts and Design. 


All our learning in based around these areas, here are some examples of

what we will be learning about for each area:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Taking turns with others.

Understanding the school rules. Talking about our feelings. Developing

independence around school. Forming positive relationships with adults and other children.


Communication and Language: Listening to stories and rhymes. Story role play with our peers. Developing our questioning using ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions.


Physical Development: Activities such as threading, playdough and using playdough to strengthen our fine motor skills. PE and dance activities to develop our gross motor movements. Discussion of healthy foods that we eat.


Literacy: Introducing ourselves to letters of the alphabet through daily phonics. Name writing and family members such as mum, dad. Labelling parts of our bodies. Beginning to sound and blend words in our reading books.


Mathematics: Becoming familiar with numbers 0-20.  Counting, understanding quantity and writing numbers. Introducing ourselves to 2D shapes. Looking at patterns such as AB, ABB and ABC.


Understanding the World: Looking after our vegetable patch and garden. Learning about our local environment. Exploring technology through our iPads and interactive whiteboard.


Expressive Arts and Design: Drawing a portrait of ourselves and a picture of our family. Exploring colour and texture using a range of materials. Singing rhymes. Learning and singing songs in collective worship.

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Mystery Story Tellers

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