What Do We Want Our Pupils To Know?



Forsbrook Primary School

Our Creative Curriculum 

Music, Art & Design Technology

WHAT are we aiming for?

HOW do we achieve this?

Our MUSIC curriculum aims to create children who:

  • are confident to perform in front of an audience

  • have an appreciation of different music genres, world music and musicians

  • ·understand that music can be influential and affect our emotions

  • understand musical terms and vocabulary

  • can read notation and compose simple pieces on a tuned instrument

Our Music curriculum is delivered in a number of ways:

1)      As stand-alone, sequences of lessons to deliver 

       essential music skills i.e musical notation.

2)     Through our creative curriculum to allow for the  

       application of skills

3)     Through annual performances and productions

4)     Through enrichment days


We allow for flexibility in the delivery of the music curriculum to ensure that objectives are taught with maximum effect, to bring purpose to musical composition and to make links between different curriculum areas. Forsbrook are currently trialling a music scheme ‘Charanga’ across two phases to improve the delivery of music objectives and to enhance subject-specific knowledge. On evaluation of impact, if this programme enhances learning in music, this will be adopted as a whole school programme from September 2020.


At Forsbrook, we are passionate about singing and performance. This element of the music curriculum is largely taught and applied through annual performances, which take place every year from Nursery through to Year 6. As a church school, we also focus on singing during collective worship and church services.


Further music opportunities are provided for children through enrichment days (delivered by music specialists), music tuition, music projects and extra-curricular clubs. 

Our ART & DESIGN curriculum aims to create children who:

  • have creative vision and can express their individuality through design

  • can use a range of art skills and techniques to create a desired effect

  • have a good knowledge of a range of artists, their individual styles and the impact they have had

Art & Design lessons are usually blocked into a sequence of lessons through our creative curriculum. During this time, children learn and practice a range of art skills in their own sketchbook, which are usually linked to an artist’s specific style. During the application of these skills, children will be given opportunities to express themselves in a range of ways and for a range of purposes. Art & Design is often linked to English and history and allows children to draw inspiration from others to create their own designs. Art work is celebrated hugely at Forsbrook through classroom and whole school displays.


Our Art & Design curriculum is also enhanced through art projects (supported by local artists) and whole-school topics.

Our DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY curriculum aims to create children who:

  • can design, plan, make, evaluate and improve a range of products for different purposes, including food technology

  • understand the place that technology has within our world

  • Evaluate and test their ideas and suggest improvements showing problem solving skills, perseverance and resilience.

At Forsbrook, we believe that Design & Technology is an important subject which fosters children's creativity and encourages them to think about important issues. The subject is taught in a sequence of lessons through our creative curriculum. During this time, children learn, practise and apply a range of skills and, where possible ,meaningful cross curricular links are made to ensure that children's design and make experiences are real and relevant to the world today. D&T links well with the subjects of science, mathematics and computing and is furthered developed through STEM projects and special events and days.


Children have the opportunity to engage in projects around the main aspects of D&T: structures, textiles, mechanisms and electrical systems. Every year group also has the opportunity to complete a 'food' themed project each year.