What Do We Want Our Pupils To Know?



Forsbrook Primary School

Our Humanities Curriculum 

History & Geography

WHAT are we aiming for?

HOW do we achieve this?

Our HISTORY curriculum aims to create children who:

  • understand how history has impacted upon the world we live in

  • have knowledge of important historical events, people and place

  • have a good understanding of British Values and traditions

  • understand historical chronology

Our GEOGRAPHY curriculum aims to create children who:

  • have an understanding of their place within the world and how they can impact upon this

  • understand human and physical features in the world, including natural disasters and climate change

  • have a range of geography-based skills

Our History & Geography curriculum is delivered through our creative curriculum. Most of our topics are based around the humanities and this is what drives our topic-based curriculum. Within both of these foundation subjects, we focus on knowledge and understanding, specialist skills and subject-specific vocabulary. We use knowledge mats to support this.


Our humanities curriculum is supported by other areas of the curriculum and children are given opportunities to express their understanding of these topics through subjects such as English, music and the arts. This is what defines our ‘creative’ connected curriculum.


Our history & geography curriculum is also supported through learning opportunities outside of the classroom, including day visits and residentials. In addition, we promote these subjects through special days and visitors.