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Associate Schools Programme


The Associate Schools programme is the Royal Shakespeare's Company's new partnership with Regional Theatres and schools across England. Here at Forsbrook Primary we have recently been accepted onto this programme and see this as a new and exhilarating opportunity. We have been networking with other schools in our local area and working together to create a Shakespearean world throughout all age groups.  We are extremely honoured and privileged to be apart of this new and exciting adventure. Keep a look out for updates on how Shakespeare is taking effect in our school!

The Tempest

In Year 4 we have been exploring the Tempest by William Shakespeare. We have used a variety of techniques to unpick the story and Shakespearean language. Here we are exploring the setting of the storm. We used a ‘soundscape’ to recreate the growing tension of an impending storm.

We used a ‘word carpet’ to describe the Tempestuous storm and bit by bit, we were able to unpick the way the mariners may have felt, what they may have seen, smelt, heard etc and used the amazing, quality adjectives to describe the storm to our partners.


We looked specifically at the speech that Prospero makes to his daughter, Miranda. We recreated this in pairs; one child acted as Prospero, telling Miranda about her hidden past and one child acted as Miranda giving her reaction to hearing the news. The children loved exploring this in detail.


We were so lucky to be able to watch a live stream of The Tempest in conjunction with the RSC. Here we are, watching the play, absolutely enraptured! It was fantastic!

Receptions Tale of The Tempest…A Play written by William Shakespeare

The children began their Tempest journey being introduced to the text through props that are used in the initial parts of the story, from these the children were tasked with coming up with the characters they thought they would come across and how these props would link to what kind of story line. 


The play was broken down into 4 main Learning Objectives:


To know the name Shakespeare & that he was a writer. To gain an understanding of the story & how Prospero & Miranda landed on the island & why      


To gain an understanding of the next part of the play.  To know the other characters in the play Caliban & Ariel. To know what an island is.   


To understand why Prospero asked Ariel to create a storm to cause a shipwreck & for children to act out being on a ship in a storm using the relevant vocab from the play e.g. ‘mercy on us’, ‘farewell brother’, ‘we split, we split!’     


To know what happened to the sailors & what happens at the end of the play.  To bring all the parts together & perform the play to the nursery in the order that it has been taught.  

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