Christian Distinctiveness

"Love the Lord your God with all

your heart and with all your soul

and with all your mind and

with all your strength."       

Mark 12:30

At Forsbrook CE Primary school, our Christian ethos permeates every layer of school life. It is the basis upon which we educate the whole child and ensure both spiritual development and academic progress. Our collective worship is broad and balanced, incorporating special times and events within the year. Children are encouraged to see the awe and wonder of the world and are given time for reflection.

"Collective Worship is great!

 We get to see Bible stories

acted out and take part in these too."


"Reverend Jonathan and Reverend Ian come

to visit us to tell us about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit."

"We have regular visitors from St. Peter’s church and the

local Methodist church who deliver bible stories through

drama and storytelling."

St Peter's Church


We have strong links with St. Peter’s Church. Our children visit throughout the year to learn about church itself, and the way it is used for worship and celebration. As a whole school, we attend at Easter and Christmas. Our special service of thanksgiving at Harvest is delivered by Reverend Jonathan in school when we collect donations of food to support the local community and beyond.


The worship within school takes place in the Key Stage 2 hall which has recently been transformed with our whole school Stained Glass project. This tells the big story of the Bible through the children’s collective art work.

art 2.png
art 2.png

The Year 6 children are given the opportunity to visit Lichfield Cathedral to learn about it's treasures, chapels and the Cathedral's great history.  


"I loved photographing this magnificent building and learning about the worship that takes place there."

Spiritual Development


The children in Upper key stage 2 connect with the prayer labyrinth that is used to facilitate prayer, meditation, spiritual transformation and global unity. Once their prayer labyrinth journey concludes, the children have the opportunity to reflect upon their experiences: in silence, through discussion or simply by writing their thoughts.


Reflection Areas

Our reflection areas are used as a place where children can go to ponder, reflect and pray. The areas include artefacts, prayer books, pictures and verses to engage the children in thought and prayer. They enable children to deepen their understanding and thoughts behind each Christian message.

reflection 5 - Copy.png
reflection 1 - Copy.png
reflection 4 - Copy.png
reflection 5 - Copy.png
reflection 2 - Copy.png
reflection 3 - Copy.png

Lucy's Garden...

In our Key Stage 2 area there is a memorial garden, Lucy’s Garden, which is a place the children can go to ponder, reflect and pray. This enables the children to deepen their understanding and thoughts behind each Christian message.


The school community support a wide range of charities every year. This is led by the School Council or Ignite (a committee led by Key Stage 2 children). These charities vary depending on the need of the local and national community; food bank; Red Nose Day; Macari Centre; Number 11; Donna Louise to name but a few.

Not only is this done as a whole school but the children of Forsbrook will independently support other charities of their own choice through, for example, cake sales in which the school fully supports them in their quest.

red 3.png

World Faith Day

Every year the whole school take part in the special event ‘World Faith Day’ exploring major world faiths. Each class looks at a different religion and experiences a fun packed curricular day and as the children move through the school they will engage with a range of different faiths.

world faith.png
world faith.png
world faith.png
world faith.png


To further experience culture and diversity, the Year 3 children were involved in Bollywood dancing led by a Bollywood dance teacher. The children were taught traditional routines and movements.


Faith Trail


Children in Year 5 study Islam as part of their Religious Education. To deepen their knowledge and understanding of this major religion they are given the opportunity to visit an Islamic temple and take part in some Islamic cultural traditions, such as a wedding.